Charles Borré

What I'm interessed in

  • Managment
  • Team Work
  • Organizing Events
  • Sports (Rugby, wakeboard, skiing, snowboarding...)

EBS-PARIS, a special business school for me.

I’ve been in this school for 3 years now, and it offers me lot of opportunities.
I don’t only learn with teachers in class sitting on a chair, which is good for knowledge,
I also learn in groups with other students. We are building social groups, sport teams, organizing events for many students.
So we learn how to work together, how to manage things, how to react when things go wrong.
It’s like building a little company and managing it as good as we can with our young vision of how it should work.
These experiences will prepare us to work in a real big company.

HUGO BOSS, my first real job.

I worked on the Champs-Elysees in the world flagship store of HUGO BOSS for six months as an intern.
It was one of my best experiences because I learned so much about sales, client relationship…etc.
I was the youngest of the 50-person team present in the biggest HUGO store in the world.
It was a special human experience, everybody was nice,
professional and an insane seller and this is why the store was killing it.
In few weeks I was the best intern of the store.
After my three months internship I applied again for a six month job, and I was rehired.

RUGBY, school of life.

This sport takes a big place in my life, and it made me who I am. People say that there is
an important mindset in California, and rugby is mine.
I played rugby for 12 years since I was 6. I had to stop playing in a club 2 years ago because I had to study, so I moved to Paris.
I joined my school rugby team and became half coach and half player.

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